Collection: Upcycled Scrunchies

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Discover Eco-Chic: Upcycled Scrunchies. Elevate your style sustainably with our collection of uniquely crafted scrunchies, repurposed from discarded textiles from laundry houses in Denmark. Embrace fashion with a conscience today!

Upcycled Scrunchies

Welcome to the realm of upcycled scrunchies, reimagined by Amolia for the eco-conscious fashionista. Our scrunchies aren't just hair accessories; they're a bold declaration of sustainability and style. Created from repurposed textiles sourced from Danish laundries, these scrunchies breathe new life into discarded fabrics. Imperfections that would have led to disposal are now transformed into fashion-forward scrunchies, exuding our signature Nordic design ethos. Witness the embodiment of eco-friendly fashion as we meticulously select and rejuvenate each textile, infusing it with a renewed purpose.

The journey of upcycling is a labor-intensive testament to our commitment to environmental stewardship. Our scrunchies are a fusion of innovation and consciousness, offering a fresh perspective on recycling. As a final step, every scrunchie is dyed within the EU using GOTS certified organic dyes, infusing them with hues of sustainability.