Collection: Upcycled Toiletry & Make-up Bags

A good toiletry bag or make-up bag for everyday or travelling is a must have. For some, a practical size is important, for others it is sustainability or a beautiful design that is in focus. Toiletry bags from Amolia fullfill all three.

Upcycled Toiletry bags

How to upcycle toiletry bags

All our toiletry bags are made of textile that we collect from laundry houses in Denmark. Textiles that would otherwise have been discarded due to discolouration or wear and tear. Upcycled means that we hand-sort every single piece of textile we receive and sew them into new products in our own, Nordic design. It is a time-consuming process, but it is the most environmentally friendly way to recycle textiles. The toilet bags are then dyed in the EU with organic dyes.

By purchasing a toiletry bag from Amolia, you are doing something good for the environment, while at the same time you get a beautiful and unique toilet bag with its very own story.

Large or small toiletry bag?

Whether you prefer a small toiletry bag or a large toiletry bag, you can find a wide selection at Amolia. The bags are available in many colours and designs, all of which are inspired by Scandinavian nature and natural, Nordic colours.

With a toilet bag from Amolia, you not only get a sustainable, beautiful product – you also get a product in a timeless design that can last for many years to come.