We upcycle discarded textiles to give them a longer life.

We take waste textiles from laundry houses in Denmark and upcycle them into cushion covers, bags and much more. Together we can close the loop.

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Rikke and Jamie standing on stage accepting the prize

Winners of the start-up of the year award!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped, supported and voted for us to win the 'start-up of the year' award from Holbæk's Business Forum. Your support really means everything to us. Without you we wouldn't be here today!

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  • Made from textile waste

    We manually sort through the textile waste ourselves piece by piece.

  • Sourced in Denmark

    All the waste textile we use is collected from laundry houses around Denmark.

  • Made by hand in the EU

    None of our raw materials or products are manufactured outside of the EU.

  • Nothing goes to waste

    The left over waste from our own production is recycled into new yarn.

  • 1. SORTING

    We collect clean discarded textiles from laundry houses in Denmark and manually sort each piece of textile to assess if the quality is still good enough to be recycled and upcycled.

  • 2. CUTTING

    Uniforms, blankets, and sheets are manually cut at our warehouse in Holbæk. It is a time-consuming process, but it ensures that the textile is in good condition. Textile scraps from our own production are recycled into new yarn.

  • 3. DYEING

    If the textile is pre-dyed when we receive it, we sew it directly into new products, but if it is white, we dye it with organic dyes that are GOTS-certified.

  • 4. SEWING

    We develop our designs in Denmark and sew the initial samples on Danish soil. The final production takes place in the EU, as close to Denmark as possible.

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