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Upcycled & Recycled products for you and your home

Together we can close the loop

Amolia is a Danish company founded to help close the loop on the textile industry and contribute to a more sustainable future. We create home textile products made of upcycled textiles and furniture pieces made from recycled textiles.

We collect, manually sort through and cut out all reusable fabric in our warehouse in Holbæk, Denmark, then organize by type and size ready to be sent to our factory in the EU. White fabric is first organically dyed with GOTs certified dyes, whereas coloured fabrics are sewn directly into timeless home textile products. 


A collaboration focused on circularity

Our cooperation is based on the collecting and recycling of washed, discarded textiles from Copenhagen’s regional laundry house in Denmark. The collected textiles consist of a variety of garments and items; from towels and t-shirts to blankets and bedsheets.

It’s thanks to this collaboration with the Region that we are able to produce more sustainable home textiles for the Scandinavian market and are able to contribute to the transition to a more circular textiles industry.environmental impact has also improved from 5,59 m3 to 0,135 m3, when reusing textile waste.


    We collect washed waste textiles from Copenhagen's regional laundry house.

  • 02 SORTING

    We manually sort through each item to see if we can upcycle it.

  • 03 CUTTING

    We then cut out by hand all the reuseable fabric.

  • 04 DYEING

    All cut white textiles are sent to be dyed organically in the EU.

  • 05 SEWING

    Once dyed, the fabric is ready to be sewn together into our designs.


    The left over waste from our own production is recycled into new yarn.

  • Organic Dying

    We need to dye some of our textiles to make beautiful products for the home. We do this using GOTS certified organic dyes and the whole process takes place in the EU.

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  • Ringsted Dun

    All our inner cushions come from Ringsted Dun, a danish company known for producing high quality duvets and pillows, with the highest possible animal welfare standards.

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  • Kvadrat Really

    Solid recycled textile board is a durable material made from waste textiles. Our supplier, Kvadrat Really, produce the boards in Denmark using a mix of waste cotton and wool.

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Made in Denmark

Furniture made of pressed recycled textiles.

The solid recycled textile boards used to make our furniture pieces are produced in Denmark using a mix of waste cotton and wool from commercial laundry houses, which would otherwise have been incinerated. 

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