About us

Upcycling is our passion.

Together we can close the loop

by Upcycling & recycling waste textiles

Amolia is a Danish company founded to help close the loop on the textile industry and contribute to a more sustainable future. We create fashion accessories and home textiles by upcycling discarded textiles from commercial laundry houses around Denmark.

We collect, manually sort through and cut out all reusable fabric in our warehouse in Holbæk. White fabric is then dyed with GOTs certified organic dyes and already coloured fabrics are sewn directly into something new.

Rikke and Jamie standing on stage accepting the prize

Winners of the start-up of the year award!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped, supported and voted for us to win the 'start-up of the year' award from Holbæk's Business Forum. Your support really means everything to us. Without you we wouldn't be here today!

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Our textile partners

We collect discarded textiles from a number of laundry houses and private companies in Denmark.

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Laundry bags made for Region Hovedstaden

A collaboration based on circularity

From waste to wonder

We started by collecting and upcycling washed, discarded textiles from 'Region Hovedstaden' (Copenhagen’s regional laundry house). Now we have expanded to included other laundry facilities such as Elis and Zealand regional laundry house, as well as manufacturers such as Kentaur. The collected textiles consist of a variety of garments and items; from towels and t-shirts to blankets and bedsheets.

For 'Region Hovedstaden' we have even produced laundry bags for the staff to use for their uniforms, made out of their discarded uniforms.

It's thanks to these partners that we were able to start producing more sustainable textiles and contribute to the transition to a more circular textiles industry.

Closing loops logo with waste textiles

Together for circular solutions

Helping denmark with the green transition

Closing Loops is a community of small and medium-sized Danish companies, which together with skilled experts find concrete circular solutions in various value chains. ​

Across industries and geography, we find new ways to collaborate that can lead to positive change.

The project is very specific. In three years, we must reduce a significant amount of CO2 and tonnage.​

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