Collection: Recycled furniture

Our local carpenter in Holbæk cuts and assembles the furniture from solid recycled textile boards, manufactured in Denmark using textile waste collected from laundry houses.

Timeless Recycled Furniture

Can you really make furniture from recycled textiles? The answer is yes - and this is exactly how we make our beautiful recycled furniture pieces.

How is the recycled furniture made?

The furniture is made of textiles that collected from Danish laundry houses. The textile has then been converted into solid sheets by our partners in Ebeltoft. All the furniture is designed by ourselves in a beautiful and simple Scandinavian style, which fits perfectly into the modern home. Each piece of furniture is assembled by our local carpenter in Holbæk, Denmark.

Beautiful and durable recycled furniture

Although the recycled furniture consists of 70% textile, the material is twice as strong as an ordinary MDF board. This makes the recycled furniture from Amolia extremely durable. At the same time, we have chosen to design them in a simple and timeless Scandinavian style, which fits into most homes and which also has a long shelf life in terms of style.