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Welcome to Amolia - your sustainable B2B upcycling partner for commercial projects, private label, and corporate gifts.

At Amolia, we breathe new life into discarded textiles by upcycling them into unique, eco-friendly products such as cushion covers and bags. As a forward-thinking upcycling brand, we offer a range of products tailored for B2B customers, helping you to bring environmental consciousness to the heart of your business.

Upcycled cushion covers for Comwell Hotel in Holte, Denmark

Commercial Interiors


Transform your company's interior with Amolia's upcycled textiles. Whether you are decorating a hotel, office or restuarant, we offer more eco-friendly alternatives to new production!

Choose from our standard collection or contact us discuss your specific design, colour or size preferences.

Pictured: Custom made cushion covers for Comwell Hotel in Holte.

Tote bag made with discarded table cloths for artist Mikael B

Private Label


We can create bespoke upcycled products with your own branding for resale, such as:

  • tote bags
  • toiletry bags
  • cushion covers

Pictured: a collaboration with LA based visual artist Mikael B to create exclusive tote bags made of discarded table cloths featuring his own print and logo.

See the bag
Toiletry bags made with discarded towels

Corporate Gifts


Treat your staff or impress your clients with thoughtfully crafted corporate gifts from Amolia.

Choose from our standard collection, adorned with either Amolia branding or your owns company's logo/branding.

Popular options include:

  • computer covers
  • ipad covers
  • toiletry bags

Pictured: Elis laundry facility in Holbæk ordered toiletry bags made with their own waste textiles, printed with their own logo.

Environmentally Responsible

Partner with Amolia to close the loop on textile waste.

All our products are crafted from upcycled textiles sourced from laundry houses across Denmark. But we go a step further by offering you the option to produce products from your own company's waste textiles. Join 'Elisand 'EBH Byg,' who have already embraced sustainability by ordering gifts for their clients and employees made from their own waste textiles.

Choose Amolia for your commercial project and make a statement that aligns your brand with environmental responsibility. Together, let's turn waste into wonder make a positive impact on the planet.

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